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Re: Jim Garrison's Son?

Date: 18 Jun 2005
Time: 08:02:54 -0400


Hi Mario you are right it may have looked like I just came here to attack Jasper Garrison, sorry about that. Bill Wasz writes Jasper, Who are you???? You have called me a "liar" and a "con man" on different sites. So.... I ask you.... who the hell are you????? I don't remember seeing you or hearing your name in 93 or 94, or did I miss something? Apparently you are so absorbed with your theory that you are going to lash out at people and call them names, just as a child would do. Grow up man, you don't have to lower yourself to name calling. And, once again; WHO ARE YOU??? I don't ever remember reading your name in connection with this case. But when you get a chance to talk to someone who has been connected with it from the very beginning.... you lash out at them. I, personally, respect anyone's opinion, because I firmly believe that they are entitled to it and I won't try to refute them. But I also won't call anyone names. Have a nice day, Jasper. Bill Wasz Posted by: Bill Wasz at November 22, 2004 10:43 AM and later Bill Wasz writes Jasper, I apologize, for I am not doing my research properly. I just now found out who you are. You're Jim Garrison's son?? Well then.... am honored that you call me names. Please feel free to call me whatever you want. Your achievements are so broad that you are most definitely entitled to express yourself about me. I honestly thought you were just some generic bozo who was a little off tilt. Sorry. Have a "field day" at my expense, I'm honored. Your father was a good man. Bill Wasz Posted by: Bill Wasz at November 22, 2004 10:53 AM I am still puzzled about this. If I understand you properly Bill Wasz meant the question 'Are you Jim Garrison's son' only to attack Jasper Garrison. To me that was not immediately obvious since I am not from the U.S. and basically only knew the name Jim Garrison from Oliver Stone's movie so I first looked Jim Garrison up and only then I understood what Bill Wasz probably meant, especially since in his second post he writes 'Jim Garrison was a good man'. Was there more discussion going on between these 2 posts of Bill Wasz or how did he come to change his mind? From what I read Bill Wasz was definitely involved with the Simpson clan in one way or the other, so what was his reason to attack Jasper Garrison (if he did, I am not quite sure still)? Unfortunately http://www.williamcdear.com/ is down, do you have a working link?

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