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Re: Denise Brown and Faye Resnick


From: Solitairea1 to Jasper
Date: October 26, 2005
Time: 05:31 PM


Not only that Jasper, but i find it inconcievable, that during Denise's jet-setting modeling years, and during times she was involved with unsavory men, i don't see how Denise and Faye Resnick could not have known each other. How well they knew each other, i do not know. I hope we find out. But there's no doubt in my mind, that Denise Brown and Faye Resnick had to have known each other for many years before Nicole knew Faye, and the Bundy murders. ....And now that i've been thinkng of it, it's been written that Nicole met Faye through Kris Jenner. ....I don't believe that Faye just popped up at the school doing volunteer work, and Kris struck up a friendship with her. ....As i recall, Cynthia Shahian, Robert Kardashian's cousin, took Kris's side in her divorce from Robert Kardashian. ....It's clear that Kris and Cynthia Shahian were good friends. I'm thinking that perhaps, it was Cynthia Shahian who introduced Faye Resnick to Kris Kardashian Jenner. ...And maybe Kris then helped get Faye involved with the school volunteering. And with Faye being married to Paul Resnick, not to hard to do. ....I think the official story is nice for a novel, but i doubt it's the real story about just How Faye Resnick so successfully placed herself where she had to be, to carry out her role. And Faye's role in all this is big, big, big. ...And i also think that Mark Fuhrman and Faye Resnick instantly recognized how much alike in many ways they are. ...Another thing, i get the feeling that MF and Faye, tended to look down on Denise Brown and Ron Shipp. As we've seen, they have good reason to be concerned, especially with Denise!!! ............. Solitairea1

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