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Re: Candace Garvey's testimony


From: Nancy Drew
Date: 10/27/03
Time: 12:36:18 AM
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When O.J. started giving interviews post trial, he made it perfectly clear that he & Nicole (as a couple & he as a single man were not friends of Candace & Steve Garvey-ever. He said he did not even know how many kids they had or anything about them as a couple. They were NOT friends - sometimes attended the same sports related events, that's all.

Candace had her own agenda & was purposely painting O.J. as uncaring about the birth of her new "Garvey" baby. If O.J. did not oggle & rave congratulations about it and all that...it may be his disgust with the fact that at the time Steve Garvey started dating Candace he was newly divorce from his beautiful wife Cindy because he cheated on her (Cindy Garvey was Regis Philben's 1st talk show partner in L.A. where Regis got his talk show start at ABC's local LA station).

Steve Garvey got three other women pregnant at the same time!! All the women thought they were the love of Garvey's life and the only one & had the babies. None of them knew about the others until it came out in the media late 80's. This was the biggest shocking scandal in the Southern California 80's because Garvey had the wholesome family man image.

Celebrities like O.J. kept their distance from the immoral Garvey for good reason. And ex-wife Cindy used this scandal & refused to allow Steve Garvey to see their two teenage daughters on immorality principles.

Candace was a divorcee and decided it did not matter that Garvey had knocked up three women (pregnant) & married him anyway which is strange & stupid. I do not believe the child who danced @ the recital was both hers & Steve's. I believe the girl was Candace's from a previous.

So, Candace Garvey testifying that O.J. was not jumping up & down with joy about another Garvey kid is not surprising. I am sure O.J. was appalled Garvey was making more babies (he has at least 7 half are illegit).

Chris Jenner spokes-person for this little clan said that the Garveys & Jenners were there @ the trial, as sports celebrities "couples" supporting the prosecution & letting the public know that famous atheletes do not stick together.

Steve Garvey was using the opportunity to reinvent himself and was very happy that someone else was being raked over the coals in the sports celebrity morality hotseat.

Shortly after the trial it was no surprise that Steve & Candace Garvey got a divorce.

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