Faye Resnick*

(Mint green) Social climber / Former cocaine addict / Intimate companion of Nicole Simpson / Co-author of the book Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted / Godmother of Nicky Hilton / Interior designer / Mysterious history...  

*Caution: So many key aspects of Faye’s history are missing that the only way to fill in the blanks is with influential people directly associated with her and people associated with them who loop back to her.  Some of these secondary connection chains with respect to politics, intelligence gathering and organized crime, involve contacts that are clandestine by nature and therefore indirect. They are included here only to show the networks Faye was attached to indirectly, not necessary the ones she was involved in.  


                 Master Flow Chart

Relationship to:

Daniel DiCriscio (professional – client):  On some fronts “anybody who is anybody” has identical connections. Elite grooming stylist Daniel DiCriscio is a case in point. His clients include Faye Resnick, Hillary Clinton, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinski and Linda Tripp. On one level all of these people are linked in a chain of personal connections going from Faye to O.J. and O.J. to former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill. It does not mean that all of them are somehow involved in a conspiracy. It does mean that all of them have entrée to an elite stratum of society. It is no mystery how any of DiCriscio’s clients got on his list. The mystery with Faye is how she got into a position to get on his list. Where did she come from? Who is she? Why is it such a frustrating chore to get the basics on the table and arrange them in chronological order?

Roots (uncertain): In her first book Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, Faye gives only enough details about her roots to make them dubious.  She says that she was born on July 3, 1957 to a Catholic, Spanish-Italian mother and a father of English descent who abandoned her mother and her three brothers and sisters when she was pregnant with Faye. Unconfirmed reports put her birthplace in Chicago, Illinois but Faye says nothing to indicate that she was born there or has ever been there. Faye says that her “father’s” job as a book company executive required her family to move constantly. She does not name the book company, the cities or states she moved from or to. She says that she attended “about thirty different schools,” before she left home at 16 “to live with an aunt in California,” thus suggesting that she lived in another state previously without explicitly saying so.

No neighbor, friend, teacher or casual acquaintance from Faye’s youth has ever publicly acknowledged knowing her. There is not even a hint in the public record that anyone from Faye’s childhood or adolescences recognizes her name or her face or that any such people exist. She says that she had her first sexual experience at 16 because her mother’s religious fanaticism as a convert to the Jehovah’s Witnesses convinced her that the world would end two years later. Yet no past lovers prior to her first husband ever surfaced.

According to Faye, her mother married her stepfather when she was four years old. She calls him a “Germanic” ex-paratrooper who spanked her every day for wetting the bed. She says that as she grew older the spankings turned to “hideous beatings.” She hints that he was more German than American and more Nazi than German. She called him a perfectionist (like O.J.) who required everything to be in “apple-strudel order” and suggests, without saying so that beatings would result if they weren’t. She does this by following her paragraph about the “hideous beatings” with a paragraph about her mother’s dog barking when her stepfather returned home from work at five o’clock each evening “to warn us” and everyone “scattered in terror.” She punctuates the suggestion with an explicit reference to her mother “pecking away at the typewriter in her office” while her “stepfather rampaged though the house, threatening and beating her children.”

Faye gives no first or last names of her natural parents or most of her siblings. Elsewhere she gives the full names of two sisters and the first names of her other siblings. One brother’s name is Jeffery. A Jeffery Hutchison is a successful architectural designer with is own retail design company based in New York. Faye names Patricia Elizabeth Hutchison as her sister. No public information is available to establish a sibling relationship between Faye and Patricia prior to her 1996 deposition in the O.J. civil trial. However, Faye testified that the stresses in her life in 1992 that drove her back into drug addiction included the death of a sister, her divorce from Paul Resnick and her “father” being in a coma for 8 months. Paul and Faye divorced in 1991 and by her own account, her relationship with the only father she knew runs counter with any concern about his comatose condition.

Faye does not name her “aunt in California.” This omission opens the question of whether it was a familial title and whether the name would give the answer. Her distress over her “father’s” comatose condition therefore implies that she bonded with her biological father before she left her mother’s home and “Aunt” is an honorary title. In that case, Faye could have left her mother to stay with her natural father and his wife and her claim that she left home to live with her “aunt,” if that was Faye’s childhood title for his wife, would be contextually true.

Faye Resnick was actually born in Alameda, CA, on the upper east shore of San Francisco Bay. Her birth name was Faye Denise Hutcheson. Nothing she says about her mother, her father or her step father and little of what she says about her e-husbands can be independently confirmed.

A complicating factor in trying to sort out the facts in Faye’s first book is the overriding fact that Faye did not actually write it; Mike Walker did. Faye had no editorial control over it. She could therefore make a credible claim that she is not responsible for factual errors in the book or incorrect deductions anyone draws from them.

Nicole Simpson (personal – uncertain / see O.J. Simpson, Ron Goldman, Keith Zlomsowitch, Mark Fuhrman, Christopher Darden, Marcia Clark, Vicky Morgan, Denise Brown, Monkey Bar, Francesca Resnick, Christian Reichardt, Dominic Dunne, Heidi Fleiss, Town and Country Limousine Service, William Wasz, Mario Nitrini, Kathy Harouche and Michael Viner. Fays said that she got close to Nicole only after O.J. and Nicole divorced in 1992. However, Sheila Weller “credits” Faye with encouraging Nicole to party with young men when O.J. and Nicole were legally separated. She tells a story in Raging Heart of Nicole and Faye, still married to Paul Resnick (1991), “each with young boys, sitting outside by Faye’s and Paul’s swimming pool drinking margaritas” when Paul was out of town.

O.J. Simpson (personal – accuser): The conviction most people have that O.J. Simpson murdered Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman comes first from the image of him drawn in chronological order by Nicole, John Edwards, Mark Fuhrman, Denise Brown, Faye Resnick and Ron Shipp. Without these preparatory stories for seeing O.J. as a savage killer even the most damning physical evidence against him becomes suspect at best. 

Nicole’s cries of, “He’s going to kill me!” on New Years Day 1989 when she ran into the arms of LAPD Officer John Edwards answering a 911 call from Rockingham appeared consistent with her explanation for scratches and bruises on her face and body. Edwards’ version of the incident and Nicole’s formed the template for all other O.J. abuse stories.  

Fuhrman added his characteristic details to this picture with dramatic dialogue for O.J. and Nicole in a February 18, 1989 “pattern of abuse” letter to the city attorney. In this letter he retroactively sets the date of O.J.’s first act of violence toward Nicole to 1985 and describes O.J. as a possessive, egotistical monster threatening and symbolically attacking Nicole with a baseball bat. It’s the first picture ever drawn of O.J. with a deadly weapon viewing his German wife as his property – like the German car he beat up – as a likely candidate for a rage killer. The moment Denise hears of Nicole’s death she screams that O.J. did it as Fuhrman’s letter suggests that he might. Faye’s first book makes a detailed rendering of the sketched that Nicole, Fuhrman and Denise drew of O.J. as a credible killer. Shipp’s detailed contributions to that picture appear in Sheila Weller’s Raging Heart published before O.J.’s murder trial but after Faye’s Private Diary.   

Ron Shipp (personal – acquaintance / see O.J. Simpson, Nicole Simpson, Christopher Darden, Maria Clark, Mark Fuhrman and Denise Brown):   

Christopher Darden: (legal – direct): Faye testified in her civil trial deposition that she sold a mink coat to her friend Kathy Harouche for $6,000 in ’92. She said that she had $20,000 of her own money and that she and her sister Patricia shared an undisclosed amount of money. She said that these were not the financial source she used to buy cocaine. According to Faye, she got the money from her supplier, an old friend whose name she could not spell. When asked if he was a Columbian drug dealer she said she knew him as a real estate businessman. She said that she gave his name to Deputy DA Christopher Darden. It was deleted from the transcripts. The thrust of Darden’s questions to prosecution witnesses about O.J. abusing Nicole came straight from Faye’s Private Diary book and Weller’s Raging Hart, which uses the same Jekyll and Hyde portrait of O.J. that Faye drew. Weller drew hers mainly from Ron Shipp and Denise Brown. 

Marcia Clark (legal – indirect / see Christopher Darden and Town and Country Limousine Service): Marcia Clark questioned Town and Country limo driver Allan Park and led the prosecution in practice even when Bill Hodgeman was technically her boss. As Darden’s boss, she would have gotten whatever information Faye turned over to him. She chose not to use Faye as a witness following the sale of her book Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted on October 18 1994. In the end, neither side could use Faye as a witness because the content of her book created a situation were her testimony could damage either side irreparably. Clark then had to make her “pattern of abuse” case using edited 911 tapes from ’89 and ’93 and the testimony of John Edwards, two 911 operators, Fuhrman, Denise and Shipp whose testimony was tainted by his admitted ties to Fuhrman and Weller

Ron Goldman (personal – acquaintance – see Keith Zlomsowitch): Faye introduced Ron Goldman to Nicole Simpson and arranged for a 3-way sex session with them a week before she checked into the Exodus House drug rehabilitation clinic on June 9, 1994. Her only call to Nicole from the clinic was on June 12, within the hour of Goldman’s arrival on Bundy where he and Nicole were murdered. It was most likely against the clinic’s rules for her to call anyone at this stage of her recovery or to have access to a telephone. 

Keith Zlomsowitch (indirect – mutual contacts – see Monkey Bar and Vicky Morgan): Zlomsowitch testified in the O.J. grand jury that he met Nicole Simpson in January 1992 at a Mezzaluna restaurant he managed in Aspen, Colorado and had a brief affair with her in April and May of that year. In April he had a sexual encounter with her that O.J. witnessed through an exposed front window of Nicole’s Gretna Green condo. He testified that he lived in Nicole’s guesthouse as a friend. He managed both Mezzaluna restaurants in California and the one in Aspen where he introduced himself to Nicole in January ’92 and where Faye met Grant Cramer and Kato Kaelin in December of ’92. Ron Goldman worked for Zlomsowitch as a waiter in the Brentwood Mezzaluna, a favorite hangout for Nicole, Kris Jenner, Cynthia Shahian and Faye. His fiancé Alexandria Datig was a stand-in for Anna Nicole Smith in The Naked Gun 33 1/3.  

O.J. said he didn’t know who Alexandria was until Nicole told him. Nicole’s old friend Robin Greer was a Heidi Fleiss call girl. O.J. now knew that Zlomsowitch was also connected to Heidi, which connected the mother of his two youngest children three ways to prostitution and to a cocaine dealer he saw her having oral sex with. Faye emphasized that form of sex in her Private Diary book. Faye called it “the Brentwood Hello” and Maria Clark used the incident that O.J. witnessed as a. “stalking” and “peeping” incident like many such “hiding in the bushes” and peeping incidents Faye described witnessing with Nicole on Bundy in her book. Faye said that this was O.J.’s “M/O.” Marcia used it in conjunction with shrubs that were pressed down on Nicole’s front porch to construct a scenario were O.J. was “laying in wait” for Nicole on the night of June 12, 1994 – although there was nothing in the condo for O.J. to “peep” at from that vantage point. 

Marcia Clark did not call Zlomsowitch as a witness in O.J.’s murder trial or Monkey Bar manager/bar tender Ron Hardy, a friend of Nicole who helped Denise hose down the Bundy murder scene and told O.J.-stalking stories in TV documentaries. Hardy appears in a photo in Faye’s first book with Nicole and Brett Shaves, another recipient of Nicole’s “Brentwood Hello” according to the book. Off the witness stand, Zlomsowitch, Hardy, Shipp and Faye told stories of O.J.’s “frightening” stalking behavior similar to the ones Zlomsowitch told the grand jury. Zlomsowitch, Shipp and Fay told them on the Geraldo Rivera TV talk show, none of which were corroborated by witnesses they named.  

O.J.’s defense team found links to Zlomsowitch and mobsters in Miami after he testified in the grand jury. In 1995 police pulled over a car in which Zlomsowitch was a passenger and found a substantial quantity of cocaine. The driver, who was arrested and charged, swore it belonged to Zlomsowitch, whose restaurants in California and Colorado were under federal, state and local surveillance for drug trafficking. He was released.  

Geraldo Rivera (professional – talk show guest / see Keith Zlomsowitch): Geraldo Rivera made no pretense of being an objective journalist with respect to his conviction that O.J. Simpson was guilty of murder. During the O.J. murder trial and wrongful death civil trial, Rivera’s nightly talk show dealt almost exclusively with the trials, featuring expert commentators and key players in the lives of O.J. and the Bundy Drive murder victims. He gave equal time to O.J.’s critics and backers but consistently backed the critics. He dated Denise Brown, played basketball with Mark Fuhrman and heaped praises on Ron Shipp, Dominick Dunne and Faye Resnick. 

Dunne says in his book Another City, Not My Own that he and Faye were in a Burbank makeup room waiting to go on live with Geraldo when she introduced him to a friend of hers named Mark Lonsdale. In the book Dunne’s character is fictionalized but the Geraldo show that Dunne and Faye appeared on together is not. Just as Dunne says in the book that Faye told him, Lonsdale was actually a key figure in the TV pilot Frogmen with O.J. Simpson as an ex-Navy SEAL. Lonsdale has a long Navy background and appears on the credits of many action movies as a “stuntman.” He is also a technical advisor and the driving force behind the production of Frogmen. According to Dunne, Faye told him that Lansdale taught O.J. the “silent kill” technique that prosecutors theorized he used to kill Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson.  

O.J. purchased the German Stiletto, originally thought to be the Bundy murder weapon, during the filming of Frogmen. Faye says in Private Diary that Nicole had a frog phobia and tells a chilling story of O.J. laughing about terrifying and humiliating her with sadistic jokes about the irony of him being a frogman. She goes on to talk about O.J. stalking her and hiding in the bushes on Bundy. On a Geraldo show after O.J.’s murder trial she went into detail about O.J. calling her obsessively from Puerto Rico where he was filming scenes from Frogmen with insanely jealous rants about Nicole. 

Monkey Bar (geographical – patron) Faye frequented the Monkey Bar restaurant with Nicole where Ron Hardy worked as a manager/bartender the way Karen Crawford did at Mezzaluna. John DeBello was the Mezzaluna general manager and Keith Zlomsowitch was the director of operations. The documented level of Monkey Bar management in the O.J. case never rose above the manager/bartender level. The only Monkey Bar link to Zlomsowitch in O.J.’s trials is in Cora Fischman’s civil trial deposition where she says in the spring of 1994, “Keith was-they were setting up like a manager for Monkey Bar, that restaurant Monkey Bar.” However there are multiple indications that Mezzaluna was connected to the Monkey Bar already operating and Hardy worked for Zlomsowitch. Those indications include Faye’s Private Diary reference to Zlomsowitch as “a manager for the company that owned Mezzaluna restaurant and the Monkey Bar in Los Angeles.”

According to O.J.’s civil trial deposition, the altercation O.J. had with Nicole in October 1993 that ended with her call to 911 began on the Paramount set of The Naked Gun 33 1/3 with Keith Zlomsowitch’s fiancé Alexandria Datig. She told O.J. about an engagement party Nicole threw for her and Keith on Gretna Green, which prompted O.J. to go to Nicole’s condo. O.J. told Nicole what brought him there. Her retort that Alexandra was a Heidi Fleiss hooker who had gotten into a fight with Heidi at the Monkey Bar told O.J. that Nicole knew more about Heidi’s girls than he did. Faye was an almost daily visitor at Nicole’s Gretna condo in 1992. One of Heidi’s favorite hangouts was the Monkey Bar, which Faye Resnick, Nicole Simpson, Cici Shahian, Al Cowlings, Dominick Dunne and undercover police officers also frequented.

Daryl Gates (indirect – circumstantial / see Mark Fuhrman) Gates was the LAPD Chief from 1978 to May 30, 1992. By his public pronouncement that even “casual drug users should be taken out and shot,” Gates put himself on record as being as tough as anyone could get on the entire illegal drug culture. But his record of making drug busts above the level of the Crips and Bloods street gangs is nonexistent. He used his Organized Crime Intelligence Division (OCID) primarily to gather information on prominent citizens, politicians and celebrities with an emphasis on their sex lives and illegal drug use. However, the only evidence of his efforts in this area is in establishing and protecting informants – not in prosecuting anyone connected to them. Faye Resnick’s lifestyle, sexual proclivities, cocaine dependence and social connections thus fit the profile for an OCID informant. The salient question is how Gates could not have recruited her. 

LAPD officers thoroughly infiltrated the Heidi Fleiss call girl ring with individual officers assigned to specific call girls. Speculation that Nicole Simpson was a Heidi’s girl derives mostly from this arrangement and the fact that Mark Fuhrman’s fellow officers called him “Nicole’s cop.” Two women could have easily been mistaken for Nicole provided that a woman Faye mentions in her second book Shattered, as a Nicole look-alike, existed. Denise Brown in a blonde wig was another one. When Heidi’s predecessor Madam Alex was arrested by another law enforcement agency in 1991, the LAPD undercover task force leader Mike Brambles, who bore an uncanny facial resemblance to Fuhrman, interceded in her behalf. He declared that she was a police informant.  

This intercession kept Madam Alex out of prison but cleared the way for Heidi to take over her business with her girls and her clients. The girls included Nicole’s old friend Robin Greer and Zlomsowitch’s fiancée Alexandria Datig. Her clients included Don Simpson a client of Fuhrman and Dunne’s private investigator Anthony Pellicano, and Denise Brown’s former lover and Paramount head Robert Evans. Anywhere Heidi or her girls went was therefore under LAPD surveillance. Three such places were the Monkey Bar, Mezzaluna and Nicole Simpson’s Gretna Green condo. Alexandria’s connection to Keith Zlomsowitch meant that they, too, were under the surveillance of Daryl Gates’ secret police – which conceivably puts the April ’92 “Brentwood Hello” incident with the curtains drawn back from the front window in a new light.  

Gates, the originator of the first ever police S.W.A.T team, was forced to resign on May 30, 1992. His resignation followed his televised racist defense of the police chokehold, which killed a disproportionately high number of black men.  

Mark Fuhrman (indirect – circumstantial / see O.J. Simpson and Daryl Gates): Faye says that she met Nicole Simpson in 1987. While her claim that they became close friends in 1992 can be disputed, there is no dispute that they were close friends in ’92. But where a public record should exist of Faye and Fuhrman’s paths crossing in ’92 because of their alleged mutual relationship with Nicole that year, it doesn’t.  

In ’92 Fuhrman told fellow officers that he was having an affair with Nicole and she told him about O.J.’s “continuing abuse.” Faye neither supports nor refutes that claim, apart from her cryptic reference to a Nicole double, because she says nothing about Fuhrman. Yet, the cruel, egotistical, domineering character of the dialogue she attributes to O.J. and the cowering character of the dialogue she attributes to Nicole is the same as Fuhrman’s in his ’89 pattern of abuse letter. The only other people to do this were Denise Brown, Keith Zlomsowitch, and Ron Shipp. Other undisputed witnesses to angry confrontations between O.J. and Nicole spoke of O.J.’s big ego or his bad temper but none of them described his language as cruel, egotistical or domineering. 

Fuhrman’s LAPD career began in 1975 with a caution on his first review that he spent too much time “trying to make the big arrest.” Like Faye, key portions of his history have been erased. In the audiotapes Fuhrman did with Laura Hart McKinney he said that drug dealers were on a list of criminals he executed on the spot. He spoke fondly of the “extraordinary” number of “niggers” that LAPD officers killed with the chokehold and he was disciplined in ’84 for using it off duty on a black jaywalker. On the street gang level of the illegal narcotics trade where Daryl Gates was visibly active Fuhrman’s second wife Janet Hackett said that he told her he was invisibly active, that his job was to “annihilate” gang members. According to his book Murder in Brentwood he was a uniformed officer in a gang/narcotics unit from 1985 to 1987. He could not have functioned in that capacity without a network of informants he could control. 

In theory a small murder/frame-up conspiracy conceived and directed by Fuhrman is absurd because the odds against anyone, let alone everyone, existing who could meet the long list of rare preparation, co-conspirator and cover-up qualification are enormous. Who, for instance, had indirect links to Fuhrman and to the real estate business to put him covertly in a home across the street from property with a paper trail linking O.J. and Robert Kardashian to illegal activities? Who had that kind of influence with people who could put Denise Brown, Dale St. John and Allan Park within a six-mile radius of Fuhrman’s house? Who had the drug addiction vulnerability to the kind of carrot and stick pressure Fuhrman could bring to bear to make “the big arrest”? Faye Resnick did.  

The idea that Fuhrman had this power and used it with Faye has no direct evidence to support it but sophisticated and coordinated efforts to thwart investigation along these lines at every level of inquire are indisputable. Not even in Fuhrman’s Murder in Brentwood book where his arguments for O.J.’s homicide motives and propensities echo Faye’s do their paths cross. He says nothing about her.  

Patricia Hutchison (familial – sister): Faye does not give a paternal or maternal relationship between her and her “aunt” in California. She does not say whether this woman was married or whether she had children. If, however, the real connection was with Faye’s father and her father’s name was Hutchison, Patricia could be a younger half-sister or an older sister with a constant paternal bond who went to live with him years before Faye did.

The Patricia Hutchison that Faye named as her sister in her O.J. civil trial deposition and in her second book appear to be the same person Legacy Partners named as a regional vice president in 2002. Legacy Partners is a multi-billion dollar “property acquisition, development and management” company headquartered in Denver, Co with regional offices in Foster City and Los Angeles, CA. It has been in business since the 1960s. Its Commercial Services headquarters in Forrest City has an interior design department that designed offices for Foster City’s Bayside Towers. Foster City is located on the southwest of the San Francisco Bay. It is a little over ten miles from Hayward on the south east of the Bay where Faye said she won a beauty contest after graduating high school. Faye has her own interior design company and she was called an interior designer in a 2002 article about a party she attended celebrating Paris Hilton’s 21st birthday,

Michael Eisner (financial – circumstantial) Faye and Paul Resnick owned a house formerly owned by Michael Eisner who at different times headed the Paramount, Columbia and Disney movie studios. Faye’s publisher Dove Press occupied an office on a Paramount lot. Eisner, producer Don Simpson, his business partner Jerry Bruckheimer and Denise Brown’s former lover Robert Evans enjoyed recreational activities together at Don Simpson’s estate. Mark Fuhrman’s former partner Brad Roberts investigated the drug overdose death of Simpson’s friend Dr. Steven Ammerman in Simpson’s home. Fuhrman’s private investigator Anthony Pellicano was on the scene waiting for him. Pellicano was the private eye who located Dominique Dunne’s killer after his release from prison on behalf of her father Dominick Dunne.

These Eisner connections to Faye come full circle with Dunne introducing Heidi Fleiss to Nancy Reagan and Betsy Bloomingdale, widow of department store/real estate mogul, credit card inventor and “king maker” Alfred Bloomingdale. They loop back to Faye with a murdered woman named Vicky Morgan, Alfred Bloomingdale’s mistress in a sadomasochistic relationship that lasted from 1970 until his cancer death in 1982.  Heidi Fleiss and Vicky Morgan shared the same lover, Bernie Kornfield. Heidi’s girls were also involved in sex play with Eisner’s pals Don Simpson and Robert Evans. They arrived at Simpson’s “playpens” in chauffeur-driven limousines.

Town and Country Limousine Service (circumstantial – anecdotal/ See Mario Nitrini): Dale St. John, the owner of Town and Country, was routinely called O.J.’s regular limo driver. Rocky Bateman says he was O.J Simpson’s regular driver for three years before the Bundy murders. He said that he often drove O.J., Nicole and Nicole's friends around town. However, O.J.’s personal secretary Cathy Randa who arranged for the limo service was formerly Robert Kardashian’s personal secretary and Kris Jenner was formerly Kardashian’s wife. It is therefore probable that the Simpsons and the Kardashians used the same limo service and the same regular drivers.

Charles Fleming the author of a book about producer Don Simpson called High Concept interviewed a drug dealer he calls J.R. who said he had a sex-for-drugs transaction with Faye inside a limo in 1991.  . According to Fleming Fay was in the limo when J.R. left a club where hip-hop artist Ice-T was performing and got in. Faye’s name for what J.R. she did is “The Brentwood Hello). Neither the limo company nor the driver was named..

At the time of the alleged J.R/ limo incident with Faye, Bateman was the regular driver for Andrew Lloyd Webber, the writer of the Broadway musical Cats, until Mrs. Webber caught him using cocaine in 1991 and insisted that St. John replace him. O.J. Simpson attended a production of Cats with Nicole in New York after their divorce. He did not necessary know of any drug connections between Nicole, Faye, the limo company and Bateman when he started humming a song from Cats during his murder trial but the connections, whatever they mean, exist.

Mario Nitrini (circumstantial – anecdotal) Most of the information about the Town and Country Limousine Service that was not revealed in court comes from Mario Nitrini III who was distantly related through marriage to limo driver Rocky Bateman. Most of that information, in turn, comes from Mario’s notes and recollections of his direct conversations with Bateman and a taped conversation he had with Detective Ron Ito. Phil Vannatter and Tom Lange, the lead detectives in the Bundy murder investigation assigned Detective Ito to investigate everyone associate with Town and Country. Nitrini has no direct link to Faye but he is linked to William Wasz in two significant ways:

Like Wasz, Nitrini was approached to follow Nicole Simpson in the last quarter of '93. He says that Bateman told him that he was on the phone with O.J. when O.J. made the request. Bateman asked Nitrini to do it. Nitrini declined. He heard only Bateman’s side of the conversation but came away convinced that O.J. did want him to follow Nicole. Wasz came away from the person who asked him to follow Nicole convinced that Robert Kardashian wanted him to do it.  Nitrini says that “according to Rocky,” Nicole, Faye and another of Nicole’s friends he did not name were in the back of his limo plotting to steal O.J.’s money and boasting that they were going to do it with O.J.’s blood that they somehow obtained in bottles. Rocky allegedly told O.J. about the plot and O.J. allegedly wanted Nicole followed to learn more about it. Nitrini did not know Wasz at the time but Bateman did.

Nitrini investigated Bateman’s story and learned that someone fitting Nicole’s description and representing herself as Nicole, along with an unidentified woman fitting Faye’s description, did obtain bottles of O.J.’s blood from a USC facility called Hemacare.

Pete Wilson (geographical – neighbor): Faye says in her first book that after a breakup with Christian Reichardt in 1992, she moved to “a fabulous gated community on Park Place next door to California Governor Pete Wilson. The actual date is uncertain because a subheading for the chapter is “Spring 1992” but the dates she gives are from July to November. She does not say how she landed on the choice piece of property

John DeLorean (indirect – circumstantial / see Dominick Dunne)

Christine DeLorean: (indirect – circumstantial): Automaker John DeLorean’s wife Christine traveled with Vicky Morgan on a foreign assignment in a private jet. The pilot was later charged and convicted of drug trafficking.

Grant Cramer (personal – acquaintance / see Keith Zlomsowitch, Dominic Dunne and Vicky Morgan)

Kato Kaelin (personal – acquaintance / see Keith Zlomsowitch, Dominic Dunne, Vicky Morgan and Playboy: Kato met Nicole in Aspin through his friend Grant Cramer. When Keith Zlomsowitch vacated Nicole's Gretna Green guesthouse, she invited Kato to take his place. That's where he was living when he met O.J.

Playboy (professional – model / see Christian Reichardt)): The nude layout that Faye did for Playboy is at the least, ironic. Shannon Tweed, with whom O.J. starred in HBO’s 1st & Ten, was a Playboy Playmate.  Shortly before the Bundy murders O.J. modeled a sweatsuit in a Playboy photo shoot with Kato Kaelin. O.J.’s Orenthal Productions and Playboy co-produced a 1980 movie with O.J. and Nicole. O.J. claimed that a photo of Nicole’s battered face that Judge Ito did not allow into evidence came from this movie. O.J. said that the “battering” was makeup.  Ito noted that the date on the film was 1979 and the shelf life was one year. Marilyn Monroe was Playboy’s Miss December 1953. Anna Nicole Smith, who said that she wanted to be the next Marilyn Monroe, was Miss May 1992. Guests at Hugh Heffner’s Playboy mansion included “The Rat Pack” with John and Robert Kennedy’s brother-in-law Peter Lawford.

Peter Lawford (indirect / see Playboy and Dominick Dunne)

Dominick Dunne (professional – uncertain): Faye’s background is so contradictory and sketchy that the only way to draw an objective picture of her is though her links to other people and to places and events that can be independently verified. The meaning of these connections can often be only guessed at. Dunne’s name connects to Faye directly. It surrounds her involvement in the O.J. case. It plugs her into other people like Lance Ito (Dunne had a permanent seat in Ito’s courtroom) Mark Lonsdale and Mark Fuhrman. For all we know Faye could have been a Dunne informant before the Bundy murders and for all Judge Ito knew when he suspended jury selection in the O.J. case Faye could have been an informant for Mark Fuhrman or Daryl Gates before him. Ito’s wife was the highest-ranking woman in Gates’ police department and the head of Internal Affairs.

Dunne says that he met Faye after the murders but both of them hung out in the Monkey Bar before the murders and both of them had direct dealings with Michael Viner, the president of Dove Press.

Dunne’s list of personal contacts also includes Heidi Fleiss, Nancy Regan, Betsy Bloomingdale, Alfred Regnery, Lucianne Goldberg, Mark Fuhrman, John and Robert Kennedy’s sister Patricia and her former husband actor Peter Lawford. Faye Resnick’s lawyer Arthur Barens and her multiple links to Dunne put her only one man or woman away from gangsters, politicians and intelligence networks going all the way up to the white house and all the way back to Murder Inc.

Lawford was a member of the famous “Rat Pack” along with popular Los Vegas entertainers of the late ’50s to early ’80s, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Joey Bishop a frequent guest host of Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show from 1971-1975. Organized crime links to The Rat Pack lead directly to John and Robert Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Nancy Reagan (a close friend of Sinatra) and Lucian Goldberg’s political mentor Murray Chotiner a lawyer for Murder Inc.’s founder Myer Lansky.

Dunne lived next door to the Lawfords. He was a guest at Robert Kennedy’s marriage to Ethel Skakel and he wrote a book called A Season in Purgatory, which suggested that a s Skakel relative murdered Martha Moxley. He says that he met Mark Fuhrman after the O.J. trial, introduced him to Regnery Press literary agent Lucianne Goldberg. He turned over to Fuhrman stolen files from a private investigation firm Ethel’s brother Rushton Skakel hired during the investigation of Martha’s death. He wrote the forward to Fuhrman’s book Murder in Greenwich in which Fuhrman names Rushton’s son Michael Skakel as Martha’s killer.

While Dunne was lunching with Heidi Fleiss he had a chance meeting with former President Ronald Reagan’s wife Nancy and her friend Betsey Bloomingdale, widow of Reagan’s “kitchen cabinet” member Alfred Bloomingdale. He introduced Nancy and Betsey to Heidi. He briefed Nancy every day on developments in the O.J. Simpson criminal trial. As a reporter for Vanity Fair he covered the trial of Marvin Pancoast, the man convicted of bludgeoning Vicky Morgan to death with a baseball bat in 1983.

The title of Dunne’s book An Inconvenient Woman comes from the circumstances surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe who was rumored to be romantically involved with President John Kennedy and his brother Attorney General Robert Kennedy. Mobster Sam Giancana worked for the C.I.A. during World War II and John Kennedy employed him to assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro. However, the link between Kennedy and Giancana might have been their mutual mistress Judy Exner. Dunne suggests that Giancana's lieutenant Johnny Roselle murdered Alfred Bloomingdale’s mistress Vicky Morgan for reasons involving a bigger sex scandal in the Ronald Reagan administration than with Exner and Giancana in the Kennedy administration. Giancana was murdered in 1975, the same year Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa vanished. While these murders look like mob hits they are all related in some way to the Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan administrations and could just as easily have been government assassinations carried out by rival Mob factions.

Bloomingdale had a relationship with Roselle of an undisclosed nature going back to 1920s Chicago and later in California as well as a close political relationship with California politics in general and Ronald Regan in particular. Bloomingdale and Roselle were early investors in Paramount, later headed by Robert Evans, Michael Eisner and Don Simpson. The overlapping networks of foreign and domestic intelligence, organized crime and political networks surrounding the death of Vicky Morgan have many parallels to the networks surrounding Faye and the Bundy murders. Dunne had a role as an observer and a participant in both cases. He reported on the trial of both accused killers and he inserted himself into the lives of key players in both cases.

He did likewise in the O.J. murder case with Faye Resnick, the Goldmans and Mark Fuhrman and in the William Kennedy Smith rape case that he turned into a friendship with Dorothy Moxley and a new investigation of Martha Moxley’s murder. O.J.’s future attorney’s Howard Weitzman and Johnnie Cochran defended John DeLorean in a 1984 case where FBI agents posing as drug dealers enticed him to make an illegal transaction and videotaped him doing it.

Dunne’s association with Mark Fuhrman spans the O.J. case and the Michael Skakel case with Vicky Morgan tie-ins to O.J.’s attorneys Weitzman and Cochran, O.J.’s P.I. Pat McKenna and Fuhrman and Dunne’s P.I. Anthony Pellicano. The P.I. working for Weitzman and Cochran in the John DeLorean case was Anthony Pellicano. McKenna and Pellicano worked for the defense in the William Kennedy Smith case in 1991. Dunne covered Smith’s trial. Acting on a false tip that Smith was visiting the Skakel house the night Martha Moxley was killed, Dunne got involved in that case and said that he turned over his findings to Mark Fuhrman in 1996.

Fuhrman’s movie version of his book Murder in Greenwich tells his version of his investigation into Martha’s murder with some critical time shuffling and name changes. Martha was bludgeoned to death on Halloween eve 1975 with a golf club. Fuhrman uses baseball bats smashing pumpkins as a metaphor for the way she was killed. With no practical justification he renames the Terriens, the relatives’ home Michael visited on the night of Martha’s death, the “Morgans.”

Vicky Morgan (indirect – mutual associates): Vicky Morgan was bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat in 1983. In the 1991 movie version of Dominic Dunne’s book An Inconvenient Woman Grant Cramer portrays a thinly disguised version of Morgan’s alleged killer Marvin Pancoast. Cramer was romantically involved with Nicole Simpson in December 1992 when he took his friend Kato Kaelin on a Christmas weekend skiing trip in Colorado. Faye was with Nicole. Kato and Grant met with them at a restaurant managed by Keith Zlomsowitch.

Vicky Morgan was Alfred Bloomingdale’s mistress for 12 years. Bloomingdale, who worked with California lawyer/businessman Edwin Meese to put Ronald Regan in the State House and then in the White House, arranged for Morgan to be a Reagan driver during his Presidential visits to California. Sexually explicit videocassettes she allegedly kept of Meese and other high-ranking Regan administration officials with her and her friends were rumored to be the cause of her death. Two years later Reagan’s chief advisor Edwin Meese became the Attorney General of the United States.

The Vicky Morgan videotapes story never rose above the level of rumor because the tapes were never produced. A self-appointed agent for Marvin Pancoast claimed that he had the tapes in his possession but when the DA’s office ordered him to produce them he said that someone stole them. William Wasz’s future attorney Larry Longo was a Deputy DA in the case who said that the tapes could not be produced because they did not exist. The DA’s office charged the agent with filing a false police report but later dropped the charge. Pancoast’s attorney was his longtime friend Arthur Barens. It was Barens’ third murder case. He was primarily a personal injury (PI) attorney. His list of client includes Suge Knight and Faye Resnick. 

Larry Longo (indirect – mutual contacts): After 27 years in the District Attorney’s office Larry Longo was forced to resign because of conflicts of interest involving his prosecution of Death Row Records founder Suge Knight and private deals involving Knight, Longo’s daughter Gina and his property. Larry Longo thus has two indirect connections to Faye though his professional dealings with Bill Wasz, who claimed he crippled Knight in a prison fight and met Faye at a Nicole Simpson party, and Arthur Barens, the attorney for Marvin Pancoast.

Arthur Barens: (legal – client) Faye says in her second book Shattered that she met with her attorney Arthur Barens two weeks after Nicole Simpson’s funeral. She said that she told Barens she had information that could incriminate OJ and felt she could be killed because of it. She said that Barens told her, “This has to be told and I think it should be in a book. If you give this information to the prosecution, they will have to turn it over to the defense team immediately, and then you really would be seen as a threat. Your safest bet is to get it to the public.” This is Faye’s explanation of how her Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted came to be written. She did not say why she picked Barens, who was primarily a personal injury lawyer, to represent her.

Denise Brown: (circumstantial – uncertain) In Denise Brown’s 1996 civil trial deposition she said that she received a $100,000 personal injury award for a back injury she said she received in 1994 from having her car rear ended by a man driving a rented car. She gave no specific dates for the accident or the DUI arrest sometime in January ’94 that caused her license to be suspended.

O.J.’s civil trial attorney Phillip Baker asked Denise how many times she was arrested for DUI and when. She said, “Twice,” and that the first time was in 1992. Baker asked who her lawyer was. The question is significant because Denise claimed that she did not know Faye before the Bundy murders and Baker was trying to impeach her testimony. Denise’s deposition was in May; Faye gave hers in February where she named Barens as her attorney in June of ’94. There is no available record of whether or not Arthur Barens was Denise’s attorney in ’92 or ’94 because Denise’s attorney John Kelly told her not to answer. Baker tried to establish a link between Denise and Faye again by asking who she was with when she was arrested in January. He asked if she had “seen” Ron Shipp and Faye Resnick but put the question in a context that was clearly aimed at getting her to say they were her passengers. Again, John Kelly told her not to answer.

Faye’s claim that she did not know Denise before the Bundy murders cannot be challenged directly because there is no direct evidence that she did. How they managed not to know each other given their mutual associations with Nicole and her other sister Dominique Brown (Faye’s first book shows photos of Faye with Nicole and Dominique) is a mystery. Denise hung out with Dominique. They lived together in New York before coming back to California. Both of them lived in Dana Point and up until May or June ’94 they both stayed with their parents. They attended Sydney Simpson’s dance recital together in Dominique’s Jeep.  It is likely that Faye would have been there, too, if she hadn’t been in rehab.

In one of Faye’s rare mentions of Denise, who publicly criticized her for her graphic portrayals of Nicole’s sex life, she tells this story: “OJ said to a circle of people around him, ‘There are two people I would like to kill: Denise Brown and Faye Resnick.’ Then he raised his hand to his throat and drew his finger across it!” She said that she could not persuade any of the people in the circle to confirm her story although she avers it is true.

Rick Hilton (personal – godmother of his second child Rick Hilton, heir to Conrad Hilton’s hotel empire, and his wife Kathy, a former actress, somehow became so close to Faye that they made her the godmother of their daughter Nicky who was born in October 1983. This was before Faye’s marriage to Fadi Halabi (’86 or ’87) brought her into the inner circles of the wealthy. The Hiltons were in the small inner circle of the super wealthy elite. Faye’s marriage to Halabi therefore could have been a step down from the Hilton’s rung of the social/financial ladder but not necessarily. 99.999 percent of the U.S. population is below the Hilton’s level of wealth. The Halabis level of wealth is unknown.

Kathy Hilton (personal – godmother of his second child / See Rick Hilton)

Paris Hilton (personal – godmother to her sister): Paris Hilton, the oldest daughter of Rick and Kathy, entered the national spotlight in 2003 in a Fox television series called “The Simple Life.” The producers wanted Paris and Nicky to star in the series but Nicky declined the offer and Paris’ friend Nicole Richie (daughter of Lionel Richie) took her place. Paris and Faye attended a hip-hop concert in 2005 where Death Row recorders founder Marian (Suge) Knight was shot and wounded.

Nicky Hilton (personal – godmother / See Rick Hilton and Paris Hilton)

Francesca Resnick (familial – mother): Faye claims that Fadi Halabi was her daughter Francesca’s father. She says that Francesca was born when she was 27 (Feb 11, 1984) – two or three years before she married Halabi). She does not explain the circumstances under which Francesca’s last name became Resnick. In 1987 Faye enrolled Francesca in a Presbyterian preschool where Kris Kardasian, later to become Kris Jenner, had enrolled her daughter. The two women became friends. Through their friendship Faye met Robert Kardashian’s cousin Cynthia Shahian, his friend O.J. Simpson and O.J.’s wife Nicole Simpson. The name “Francesca” is linked to the Hilton’s by way of Rick Hilton’s Aunt Francesca Hilton and Contessa Francesca Braschi. The older Francesca’s were photographed together in 1984, the year Faye’s daughter Francesca was born. Francesca Braschi appears in the same dress in a 1984 photo with artist Andy Warhol, Rick and Kathy Hilton.

Robert Kardashian (personal – ex-husband of one friend and cousin of another / see Francesca Resnick, William Wasz, Town and Country Limousine Service, Mario Nitrini, Michael Viner).

Cynthia Shahian (personal – friend / see Keith Zlomsowitch, Monkey Bar, Francesca Resnick and Michael Viner, William Wasz, Town and Country Limo Service and Mario Nitrini): Robert Kardashian’s cousin Cynthia (Cici) Shahian testified as a prosecution witness in the O.J. murder trial as a “close friend” of Nicole Simpson. She said that she visited Nicole two or three times a week. Cora Fischman said in her civil trial deposition that Michael Viner paid two people $100,000 to “authenticate” Faye’s Private Diary book but one name was entirely deleted and only the last name of the other person was used. The name not deleted was Shahian. Cynthia Shahian was the only Shahian ever mentioned in the case and the only one who knew Nicole, O.J. and Faye well enough to authenticate anything in Faye’s book. The only questions Deputy Prosecutor Darden asked her were about O.J.’s IRS letter Nicole showed her on June 6.

In Al Cowlings’ civil trial deposition he said that he went to the Monkey Bar thee time and saw Faye there with Nicole each time. He said that he thought “Cici” was with them all three times but he wasn’t certain about one of those times. By all accounts Nicole’s inner circle of friends, called “The Girls” consisted of Faye Resnick, Kris Jenner, Cici Shahian and Cora Fischman. However, Cora did not like Faye and did not use drugs so she did not socialize with Faye separately or frequent the places the other girls frequented. Christian Reichardt specifically told Killing Time investigator Ian Bowater that she did not hang out at Mezzalua, clearly implying that he and Cora associated it with illegal drugs. He did not say where he got that impression of Mezzalua.

Kris Jenner (personal – friend / see Keith Zlomsowitch, Francesca Resnick, William Wasz, Town and Country Limousine Service, Mario Nitrini, Michael Viner and Cynthia Shahian): Raging Heart’s author Sheila Weller uses Denise Brown, Kris Jenner and Ron Shipp as her predominant sources of inside information on Nicole’s abuse victim relationship with O.J.

Rick Barnett (familial –ex-wife): Faye said that she married her first husband Rick Barnett on Labor Day when she was 21 years old (1978) and the marriage lasted eight months (1979). He has variously been called a vacuum cleaner salesman and a drug dealer. No evidence has ever become public to support either claim.

In the six or seven years between Faye’s first two marriages she suggests that she made herself a desirable social companion for a multi-millionaire like her second husband by attending a finishing and modeling school where she became a director. The school has no record of Faye (Hutchison) being employed there. It is not clear whether she won a Hayward, California beauty contest before or after her first marriage but Hayward did not have a “Miss Hayward,” the title that Faye said she won. The closest thing to it was a “Maid of Hayward” pageant. Hayward is located in the San Francisco Bay area southeast of Oakland – Duracite territory. Duracite is the company name for interior design materials used worldwide since the 1970s.

Fadi Halabi (familial – ex-wife): Fadi Halabi comes from a large, wealthy Lebanese family. His company, Duracite, is based in Northern California but it has a facility in the Bay Area. Faye said in her O.J. civil trial deposition that she married Halabi in “1986 or 1987.” She said that the marriage lasted “approximately one year.” In her first book she refers to Halabi only as an “eccentric heir.” She doesn’t say what made him eccentric or an “heir.” She does not say when, how or where they met. She does not say where they were married, only that they lived happily in London, France and Australia. They could have met in California during one of Halabi’s visits to his Bay Area facility, not at the facility itself but at a posh dining or entertainment establishment nearby or though a social gathering with the Hiltons. However they met, Faye had the preparation to parlay that meeting into a relationship.

William Wasz (social – anecdotal): In Bill Wasz’s last phone conversation with Jasper Garrison Wasz said that he met Faye at a party in Nicole Simpson’s Gretna Green condo. The issue arose when Wasz claimed that phone company records of his calls to Robert Kardashian’s house using Kardashian’s private number in his notebook proved that Kardashian gave him the number and that he talked to Kardashian on the phone. Garrison countered that he could have talked to anyone with access to the house when Kardashian wasn’t there and any of those people could have given him the number to make drug buys.  Kris Jenner occasionally spent time at her ex-husband’s house with her daughter. Faye brought Francesca to Kardashian’s home “to play” with Kris’ daughter. Wasz dismissed Kris as the person he talked to on Kardashian’s phone but bristled at the mention of Faye’s name without explicitly denying that he talked to her.

Paul Resnick (familial – ex-wife): Although Faye’s rise to the inner circles of wealth and influence began with Fadi Halabi, her traceable introduction to those circles began with her 1987 or ’88 marriage to Paul Resnick, a wealthy L.A. businessman with large financial interests in real estate. He owned a villa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where O.J. Simpson frequently vacationed and a hundred acre ranch in central Idaho. Mark Fuhrman retired from the LAPD in 1995 to live on a ranch in northern Idaho. Faye and Paul had an amicable divorce in 1991. After the divorce, he moved to Idaho.


Michel Harouche (social – friends): Faye does not say when or how she met Michel Harouche, only that she and his wife were friends and that she took trips with them in Michel’s private jet. Michel Harouche and Charles Perez founded the Los Angeles based apparel company Paul Davril Inc. whose brand names include Sasson, Bugle Boy, Guess, Kenneth Cole and Eckored. PDI began the trend of using Chinese labor to manufacture clothing for export to the American consumer market. Since then it has been as difficult to find a department store buyer that doesn’t buy PDI clothing as it is to find an interior designer that doesn’t use Duracite.


Noble Group Limited, a company in which Michel Harouche is a director, bills itself as “One of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial and agricultural raw materials.” Harouche’s fellow director Robert Tze Leung Chan is the Senior Vice President and the Chief Executive Officer of United Overseas Bank, Hong Kong. Chan was educated in London and holds a leadership role in the United Overseas Bank with branch offices in East Asia, Southeast Asia, France, Australia, The United Kingdom and North America.

Kathy Harouche: (social/business – friends/ partners): In Faye’s civil trial deposition she refereed to Kathy Harouche as a friend and a partner in selling “accessories.” She said that she stayed with Kathy when she had an argument with her boyfriend Christian Reichardt and again after Nicole discovered that her keys were missing. According to Cora Fischman’s deposition, Nicole decided that Faye took them. According to Faye she and Nicole decided that O.J. took them. Faye said that she reminded Nicole that O.J. was abusing her and urged her to stay with Kathy but Nicole refused. Faye was staying with Kathy Harouche when her cocaine use got out of control. She said that Christian Reichardt, Kathy Harouche, Bruce and Kris Jenner, Paul Resnick and Nicole led the intervention that got her into the Exodus House recovery center three days before Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were killed.

Christian Reichardt (intimate – fiancée): O.J. defense witness Christian Reichardt met Faye in 1990 and became her fiancée in the spring or summer of ’93. He said in Killing Time that he got everyone together for the intervention and Nicole was against it. He said that he checked his phone records to see if she was calling her drug dealers from his house when she lived with him but she wasn’t so he guessed that she did it from Nicole’s house or her mobile phone. He said that Faye never kept a diary and she asked him for the dates she put in her book. Reichardt was a chiropractor. He got to know O.J. and Nicole through Faye. He and O.J. became friends, golfing buddies and confidants. They were business partners in an exercise and nutrition video produced by Playboy.

Reichardt was as adamant in his belief that O.J. was innocent as Faye was in her stated belief that he was guilty. He testified in one of his O.J. civil trial depositions that Faye’s description of O.J. in a barely contained rage directed at Nicole in a restaurant where he was present was distorted to the point of fiction. He said that none of the threats or abusive treatment on O.J.’s part against Nicole that happened in her presence was remotely threatening or abusive. He testified in O.J.’s criminal trial that the talked on the phone with O.J. less than two hours before the murders and O.J.’s mood was upbeat. 

Lance Ito (legal – trial judge): During the Ron Goldman-Nicole Simpson murder investigation Faye Resnick emerged as a key prosecution witness. However, her Private Diary book, published by Dove Press, caused Judge Lance Ito to suspend the jury selection process until he had read the book. Judge Ito lambasted the publisher for putting the book on sale prior to O.J. Simpson’s trial and he urged Connie Chung, her husband Maury Povich and Larry King, with whom she had done interviews to promote the book, not to broadcast their interviews. Only Larry King complied with Ito’s request.

Margaret York (legal – indirect): Prior to Private Diary hitting the bookstores, Mark Fuhrman’s history as a racist cop with links to Nicole and O.J. before the murders came under scrutiny. Unknown to the public when Judge Lance Ito suspended jury selection was a direct link between Fuhrman and his wife Margaret York the LAPD captain in charge of Internal Affairs and Fuhrman’s former precinct captain. It was impossible for Ito to know whether Faye the cocaine addict and Fuhrman the cop who spent much of his career in anti-narcotics work “looking for the big arrest” had ever crossed paths. Only by reading the book could he know whether Faye mentioned Fuhrman and York in the same context given Faye’s relationship to Nicole and Fuhrman’s relationship to Nicole and York. It was the only way for him to know if Faye wrote something that would compromise his position as the presiding judge in the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

John F. Kennedy (indirect – circumstantial / See Dominick Dunne and Lucian Goldberg):

Robert F. Kennedy (indirect – circumstantial / See Dominick Dunne and Lucian Goldberg):

Lucianne Goldberg (indirect – mutual associates / See Dominick Dunne): Goldberg worked for the C.I.A. before joining the John F. Kennedy Presidential campaign team. Two Presidential campaigns later she admitted working secretly for Richard Nixon in “dirty tricks” operations against his Democratic opponent George McGovern. Dominick Dunne, John and Robert Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Mark Fuhrman, Linda Tripp, organized crime and the C.I.A all have direct connections to Goldberg. Following O.J.’s arrest and the publicity surround Fuhrman’s part in it, Fuhrman tried unsuccessfully to sell the Men Against Women screenplay he worked on with Laura Hart McKinney to Dove Press. Why he went to a book publisher to sell a screenplay is not known but the fact that he did.

Michael Viner: (professional – client) Robert Kardashian’s cousin Cynthia (CiCi) Shahian was a close friend of Faye Resnick who worked for Michael Viner at Dove Press. Dominick Dunne wrote the foreword to Faye’s second book Shattered: In the Eye of the Storm,” published in 1996. He says in the forward that Viner arranging for him to meet Faye at a dinner in a Beverly Hills apartment with Cynthia Shahian and Nicole Simpson’s soap opera actress/Heidi Fleiss call girl friend Robin Greer. He recruited Mike Walker of the National Enquire to co-write Faye’s first book. He arranged for them to write the book at a place he owned in Stowe, Vermont and they completed it in record time to appear in bookstores on October 18, 1994.