360 North Rockingham Avenue

Overhead Views of Rockingham Estate


The black & white photo is from Moldea, Lange and Vannatter's Evidence Dismissed



Ashford Gate View of Driveway



Main Entrance to House

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Corner of Rockingham and Ashford

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Rockingham Gate

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Bronco and Stick 

The Stick  (1)

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The Stick  (2)

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Bronco in Front of Driveway

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Blood in Bronco

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Blood on Bronco


excerpt from transcript (you really should read it)


Dick was mistaken about the vertical strip (rocker panel) being a part of the "sill" (scuff plate).

The rocker is a separate part attached to the outside of the vehicle and Cochran was correct

to point out the discrepancy between Fuhrman's testimony and the blood on the "sill."


South Path (bloody glove location)

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Close-up of Glove

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Bathtub with Swiss Army Knife Box

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Master Bedroom Rug with "Bloody" Socks

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