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Smartfellows Press is all about intelligent opposition to conventional wisdom, particularly Mark Fuhrman's role in the image assassination of O.J. Simpson. The image warfare idea goes back to 1971 when I was on emergency leave from combat in Vietnam and saw where the war was – the 3rd American Civil War.  It was on television. I have seen war since then in courts of popular opinion as well as courts of law. This site is about getting the consensus on American history right so that "No more Vietnams" means no more moral cowardice in the face of genocide and the name of peace. Getting the history right means no more Michael Skakel's put in prison and no more Trayvon Martins put in their graves on the model of "justice for O.J. Simpson" hidden in plain sight by Mark Fuhrman. It means learning that if the tube is mightier than the B-52 – which it is – whoever controls your public image controls your life.



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